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Brand: AFD Home Model: CS-CP751-2SET-C
A 2 tier 12" diameter presentation item. Hand cast in ceramic with gold plate and featuring 100's of hand placed intermittent Rhinestones in amber white and clear. A pleasant decorative presentation item. Not recommended for food use...
Brand: AFD Home Model: CS-DC90194-16-C
At 16" tall and 16" wide the Aurora box with removable lid for ample storage is quite impressive. Part of the larger and very opulent Aurora collection. Boasting hand applied patterns with 100's of faux pearls and intermittently placed Rhinestones surrounded by an Italian gold finishDimension: ..
Brand: AFD Home Model: RM-B32-Y7
Dark tones and primitive scrolling make a dramatic and mysterious element with table-height function. Stark sides are carved with fine lines and finished in dark umber hues with Verdi and gold. Curved lines are complemented with impermeable cast ball feDimensions: 20.00 x 12.00 x 29.00..
Brand: AFD Home Model: RM-RMK1910
Invitingly-designed Cubistic Trunk of Stand lets you add a classic vibe to your ambiance. Simply add it up to your contemporary collection and you are halfway up for making your home look classy. Bring a tint of dramatic color to elevate the finesse of your room. Mesmerizing design and awe..
Brand: AFD Home Model: CS-DS8291-S-135
A very opulent jewelry table box from our larger Diamonite collection, this item is hand made featuring a combination of striking rose metal plating over a ceramic body and carved details and is accented with rhinestone dust for added brilliance and texture. It comes with a removable lid for your de..
Brand: AFD Home Model: CS-CF7326-12-CA
The 12" tall Duchess Box with removable lid for functional storage or as a vase for flowers, is a stunningly beautiful and versatile container. It is hand cast in Porcelain with a striking gold plated body and accents. Features 100's of individually hand-applied purple and clear rhinestones. The int..
Brand: AFD Home Model: CS-CF7326-12-CA
A 12" tall box on a stand from our Duke collection with removable lid for functional storage, it is Hand cast in Porcelain with a striking silver-plated body and accents. Features 100's of individually hand-applied deep Blue and clear rhinestones. The intense depth of the Blue color and the contrast..
Brand: AFD Home Model: STC-CF1170172-L
Catalog: STC-CF1170172-LDimensions: 13.25 x 8.00 x 5.00..
Brand: AFD Home Model: RM-RMA0425
Combining practicality with a classic look this well-liked tray lets you quench your decor thirst. It is a breathtakingly beautiful worked tray and is worth purchasing to display in your dining room. The elegant tray is primarily functional and the good quality MDF and glass material and the sk..
Brand: AFD Home Model: RM-T000-XB100Q0
Horchata Serving Tray 24L X 14D X 2H..
Brand: AFD Home Model: RM-RMX2046
If you're in the market in search of a fantastic decor piece to your dressing table, Lady in Red Chair Table Box would fit you. Also, this gorgeous table box is a charming way to look unparalleled with any decor. Equally important the table box is functional and helps in storing little jew..
Brand: AFD Home Model: DTL-N080-8A
Catalog: DTL-N080-8ADimensions: 21.50 x 6.50 x 9.25..
Brand: AFD Home Model: DTL-N080-9A
Catalog: DTL-N080-9ADimensions: 12.00 x 7.00 x 5.75..
Brand: AFD Home Model: CS-DS11119-105-
An 11" wide tissue box, from our House of Medici collection. A collection inspired by the art of Florence and Italian Renaissance grandeur. With its raised rose garland and classic details, The hand finish is done in rich jeweled tones and offers real variegated gold and silver leaf shabeen finishin..
Brand: AFD Home Model: CS-DS11114-145-
A 14.25" wide x 13" depth x 5.5 " tall rectangular tray on a raised base, from our House of Medici Collection. A collection inspired by the art of Florence and Italian Renaissance grandeur. With its raised lattice and classic details, the hand finishing in rich jeweled tones creates an interesting c..
Brand: AFD Home Model: CS-DS11015-24-S
An impressive 25.5" tall rounded box with a removable lid that makes this item multi-functional as a presentation vase, a decorative storage item or as an appealing to view, objects of art. The bowl sits on an extended base and surrounded by ornate details and balanced handles on the sides. It is pa..
Brand: AFD Home Model: KCF-KH1415/1416
LARGE - 7 DIA X 15H SMALL - 7 DIA X 11HDimensions:0.00 x 0.00 x 0.00..
Brand: AFD Home Model: DTL-14062009
Mosaic Jewelry Box 6.75 DIA X 15HDimensions:6.75 x 6.75 x 15.00..
Brand: AFD Home Model: DTL-14062011
At 14.5 " tall an opulent storage cannister, jar or box with removable lid from our Mosaic Mirrored Collection. The item features ornate carved details surrounding hand applied micro mosaic mirrors with contrasting grout. The item is hand cast in resin and finished in a soft silver with golden hues...
Brand: AFD Home Model: CS-CF7670K-22-C
An obliquus Cannister with a removable lid, crushed Rhinestone Pearls creates a backdrop over the main body of this Hand Cast Gold Plated Porcelain Canister. The hand-applied finish creates texture and uses a contrast of white and black Pearls to create a sparkling new twist in design. The Canister ..
Brand: AFD Home Model: CS-CP7488-155-C
A 15.75 " wide tray or server, this item is designed by the sculptor with a floral designed scalloped edge. It is hand cast in ceramic with a plated gold body and features 100's of individually applied clear and contrasted tone and sized Rhinestone jewels to create its attractive pattern. This item ..
Brand: AFD Home Model: CS-CF77877CA-17
A vivid Pearl and Swirl Golden Box is a new introduction. The base and removable lid are hand cast in Porcelain with an applied Gold Plating for richness and durability. The body of the box is uniquely covered in crushed faux Pearls, and the artist applied a decorative design over its surface of swa..
Brand: AFD Home Model: RM-RMK1735
This Short Trunk is quite stylish in Picasso style, but imagine this in fine quality MDF, composite and wood too. This multi-color trunk is a great way to add colorfulness to your room and to get a majestic look. Moreover, it is a great option for perfect space utilization in any modern home.&n..
Brand: AFD Home Model: HCF-CF1070
A 10" square x 11" tall jewelry box with removable lid for storage from our Primrose Collection. A collection that combines translucent hand-applied primrose rhinestones and faux pearls intermittingly set against an antiqued silver and white finish. The item is hand cast in a durable polyurethane re..
Brand: AFD Home Model: CS-CQ7512-4-CA-
These are 4 " tall Apples from our Princess collection. Each is hand-cast in porcelain with a plated silver metal body and features 100's of individually applied clear Rhinestone jewels in a dramatic zipper cut pattern covering all sides. Sold as a Set of 4Dimensions:4.00 x 4.00 ..
Brand: AFD Home Model: CS-CP7208-135-C
A 13.75 " wide Princess Tray from our Princess Crystal collection, the collection embodies today's trending tones of silver and offers sparkling Glam with is abundance of crystals for a dressing table, dresser, desk wherever a little sparkle and organization may be desired. This item is cast in Porc..
Brand: AFD Home Model: CS-CJ7005-8-CA-
A loving heart box with removable lid for storage. Hand cast in ceramic with a striking gold plated body and accents. Featuring 100's of individually hand-applied elements of rose and clear rhinestones intermittently set. The contrast and design create a very striking effect on this unique handcraft..
Brand: AFD Home Model: CS-CF7102-12-CA
The Rose Crystal and Gold Lidded Jar is a decorative canister with a removable decorative top. It offers versatility as a display object of art or as a functioning and beautiful vase or storage container. It is from the Rose Crystal and Gold series, a series featuring sparkle and contrast in hues of..
Brand: AFD Home Model: CS-CF7400-105-C
10.82" tall decorative box with removable lid for storage from our Diamonite Collection. Pineapple is a symbol of hospitality, and this beautiful decorative design is also functional as a jewelry box with its removable lid. Hand cast in Porcelain with a diagonal design covered in sparkling Diamonite..
Brand: AFD Home Model: DTL-10051450
From our home decor collection, we present the hand-finished Silver Chiffon Box featuring beautiful details and silver pick finishes this box will give your room the emphasis on the style you desirerDimensions:13.50 x 9.50 x 11.50..
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