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Hand Crafted Bracelets

Brand: Trollbinde Model: WS Fortuna's Bracelet
A take on the “evil eye,” these earrings are the eyes of Fortuna, the Roman goddess of wealth and prosperity. While resting on your wrist, she deflects the energy of all things destructive, while drawing in opportunities and resources. Vintage brass with antique finishLabradoriteAdjustable length S..
Brand: Trollbinde Model: WS Ghawazee Ring-Bracelet
The Gahawazee were a troupe of traveling Egyptian belly dancers. An ancient and empowering art form, belly dancing was invented by women for its health benefits and as a way to express and embrace their femininity. Inspired by the art form of belly dance, this bracelet is hypnotic and connects ..
Brand: Trollbinde Model: WS Laurel Leaf Cuff
The laurel leaf represents victory for warriors, philosophers, artists, and poets alike. The ancient Greeks and ancient Romans would don a laurel crown to signify their accomplishments. Laurel leafs were burned and ingested at the Temple of Delphi to induce mystical experience and assist in fortune..
Brand: Trollbinde Model: WS Scarab Cuff
The scarab was an auspicious symbol for the ancient Egyptians. Khepri was the horned beetle-headed god who held aloft the morning sun. Millenia later, the scarab beetle remains a powerful symbol that represents resurrection and the eternal soul. Adjustable brass cuff with antique-gold overlay Vintag..
Brand: Trollbinde Model: WS Scorpion Arcana Plate Bracelet
The bracelet rises from the deep waters of your unconscious to grace your wrist with all the wisdom of the Scorpion. Wear this bracelet to feel in flow with your transformation or to feel in charge of your own creative project. Pewter castings Vintage brass engraved chain with antique-gold overlayOl..
Brand: Trollbinde Model: WS Serpent Goddess Cuff
The serpent is a polarizing symbol. To many Goddess-worshipping ancient cultures, the serpent once represented powerful feminine energy. Trollbinde recognizes the ancient meaning of this potent symbol of the divine feminine, fertility and protection. To wear a serpent is to reclaim feminine power t..
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