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Sell 4 vets Inc. is the brainchild of a Veteran, USA paratrooper, and patriot that saw a need to cut through the red tape and help our Veterans, Active Duty and First-Responders. 100% of the retail profit from this site and all Donations will go directly to A free Retreat for our Heroes. the Retreat will not only be a destination place for our Veterans, active Duty and First Responders but in some instances a place for healing.

We are located on 27 acres in rural central Michigan that is not only our home office but open to our Veterans, active duty and first-responders for fundraisers, events or just relaxation. we are currently working on "THE RETREAT" , a totally FREE retreat for our Veterans, Active Duty and First Responders. Visit sell 4 vets usa. org to learn more or Donate at our go fund me . We are working on a 27 acre Campground that will be free to all our Veterans , Active duty and first responders . We will also offer a area within the Campground to the general public at a fee with 100% of the profit to go to the Retreat. Our goal is to build a full fledge resort for our Heroes. From outdoor facilities , electric hookups, a fishing lake and more! The cost will not be cheap but we are dedicated to achieve our goals. 

Sell 4 vets Inc. is comprised of an intricate retail platform that has taken years to develop and perfect. Through trial and error, sleepless nights, website builders, graphic designers, a massive hit to his bank account and the blank stares from his wife he finally got it right! Sell 4 vets Inc. is dedicated to making a real difference in the life of all Hero's

Our site will be ever-evolving From new product loading, advertising the site, office and web design expansion, all this benefits effort benefits the Retreat 100%.

Our guarantee? We will work diligently to get products that are used every day to specialty products on the site. from vitamins, personal care products, clothing to sporting goods and horse saddles we have lined up exceptional manufactures. we will continue to grow sell 4 vets to the most comprehensive web site available.  Feel free to contact me Personally at 954 282 1830

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