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Wayne was born and raised in Queens NY. He worked from the time he was a young boy with 3 paper routes (The biggest route for one boy in queens history), to Joining the Army in the field of communications with top-secret clearance and a US paratrooper. He returned home and became a Union bricklayer.

He then went on to build his own associated super Market from the skills of a bricklayer, the determination of a paratrooper and the speed of that 12-year-old on the bicycle. All of Wayne's life he has worked in the retail/wholesale business.

In 1975 he opened a retail store in Hollywood Fl and sold it a year later for a profit of $100,000 (a lot of money back then).

In 1976 he opened 2 retail stores in Ridgewood Ny one an associated supermarket and sold both for 1/2 Million. In 1985 he took over a 10-year lease from a failing retailer in a major design area on 19th st in Lauderdale fl and opened a factory in Guadalajara Mexico, a 6000 sq ft factory on Avenue of Americas. He manufactured decorative art.

One of his first orders was LEVITZ Furniture nationwide for $75.000 and put together a national sales force.

In 1992, on the same street, he opened a furniture store to go with the Decorative art business. And yes, That is where he met his wife Kathleen! In 2001 he opened a successful chain of stores in Florida.

Wayne owns and operates a Venue in Michigan on 27 acres, Runs several non-profits and he is now on the greatest adventure of his life.

One he wants you to join in on. Sell 4 Vets is the combined effort of 40 years in business. All the work, knowledge and yes, compassion put into one amazing company. Building a relationship together for the future! Creating Independence one sale at a time.



Lawrence is the youngest of nine children, born and raised in Whitestone, N.Y. As a young man he entered the N.Y.C. Police Department Academy and graduated with the highest overall average. He was assigned to the 41st. Police Precinct (unofficially known as “Fort Apache The Bronx”). After being on patrol for many years, he became the Chauffeur of the man who wrote the book “Fort Apache The Bronx “. His name is Lt. Thomas Walker. His book later became a movie starring Paul Newman. After serving time as a Police Officer, he entered the business world with his brother Wayne. In 1976 they opened 2 retail stores . wayne successfully sold both stores and relocated to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. There they located a major design area on 19th. St. In Ft. Lauderdale. They took over a 10 year lease from a failing retailer. This was during the Building Boom in South Florida. thee decided to specialize in Decorative Art. They split the large retail facility into half retail art and the other half into a Decorative Art Factory. They hired local artists to put their talents to canvas. This became extremely successful. We went to trade shows across the country and developed a National Sales Force selling Decorative Art to numerous Mama and Papa Furniture stores across the country. larrys brother Wayne went to a trade show in Highpoint, N.C. where he met the National Wall and Accessory Buyer for LEVITZ Furniture- Carole Nite. LEVITZ Furniture had 268 stores and was the largest Furniture store chain in the U.S.A. They sold LEVITZ Furniture Decorative Art for all of their stores. This was accomplished after giving Carole Nite( The National Wall And Accessory Buyer) a private showing of our best sellers. Carole Nite stated that “The Company produces The Finest Decorative Art in the country in it’s Price Category “. They sold LEVITZ Decorative Art for years. Over the years they realized that our largest customer which was LEVITZ was filing for Bankruptcy. They then opened a number of Furniture Stores where they also sold our Decorative Art. After successfully selling off all of the retail stores they Decided to share the last 40 years of experience. Sell4Vets was born to help our Veterans and First Responders to a wonderful way of life that they so richly deserve.

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