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Our Mission

Mission & Values of Sell 4 Vets Inc.

Our Mission

To provide our Veterans, active duty and first-responders a free Retreat along with family members. A Resort with events, fundraising and the best Camping in Michigan.  A place to bring together our Heros from across the Great USA.

Business and People

We value honesty, integrity, mutual respect and teamwork above all else. We are an open company where every member has the information and tools to help us grow, and celebrate initiative and reward success.

Our Members

Sell 4 Vets Inc is a growth company. We consistently grow sales and profits by continuous improvement throughout the company including our website. Values and Ethics are the fabric of our company. You are the thread that holds it together.


Treat others with the same personal and professional consideration we expect for ourselves. It's a karma thing!


Managing time for both business and personal success is the key to life and also sell 4 vets Inc.

Winning Attitude

Keep a focused, positive and upbeat attitude! You can become whatever your dreams are.


Share information, ask questions, listen effectively, speak thoughtfully, and let ideas flow within the Sell 4 Vets family! We value any suggestions or ideas!


Learn from each other. Teach, coach, and listen. Create an environment that you are excited to be in. Sell 4 vets want only success for you!


Value other viewpoints. Together, everyone achieves more success


Know your responsibilities. Live up to your commitments. A better world depends on it

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